Heels or Flats?

Recently whenever I go on a night out I rarely see girls wearing huge heels like we all used to? What’s happening?! I’m a huge fan of heels, and at a small height of 5′ 3″ they’ve always been a key part of my outfit. However recently, I haven’t seen as many girls wearing 6 inch heels, and I’m starting to feel tall for once. What is “in fashion” now?

I started wearing flatter shoes after I spent a couple nights out in flats – and nothing is better. Being drunk and being able to run around & not care about falling over on wet club floors or falling down stairs is an absolute dream. So I thought I would explore some shoes which I think work really well for any night out.

Nights Out ShoesAlmost everything I buy comes from Missguided, Boohoo or ASOS so in spirit of this – here are my favourite “flats with a slight heel” for the most fun nights out. Far left I start with these really cute sandals with a chunky heel from Boohoo. I think these will go with any outfit from casual drinks to full night out – my only issue would be the lack of strap across the back of the heel to secure the shoe on. Second in line are the peep toe boots from Missguided I have wanted to purchase for months. I have finally ordered these gorgeous shoes, and plan on living in them until they fall apart.

The following pair of sandals are from Boohoo and are my favourite go to shoes this summer. I wear them during the day and also in the evenings, they are perfect for nights out as you get that slight extra bit of height, without compromising your ability to walk… Finally, these thick boots from ASOS can be worn whenever you fancy wearing them. Nights out, casual drinks, shopping or walking to the shop – these are the go to boots. They don’t necessarily fit in with this glorious sunshine we’ve been having – but for nights out a nice chunky boot can look really smart – and super comfortable!



Alternatives for another pair of Birkenstocks?

So I’m sure everyone is well aware of the Birkenstock trend that is current right now. I worked at John Lewis on shoes & handbags for 4 years and people always joked about how awful and old fashioned Birkenstocks were, yet they still sold incredibly well – mainly to the older generation. However, I never really had a problem with them. I’ve always loved chunky shoes because they suit my feet much more (too wide for dainty shoes). Regardless of how much we like Birkenstocks, aren’t you a bit tired of seeing everyone wearing them? I feel like I don’t want to purchase a pair out of principle of not looking the same as everyone else…

ASOS are incredible for shoes, the quality is great but the price tag is even better. I thought I would dish out some alternatives for Birkenstocks this summer as I’m sure everyone is off on holidays in the near future (if you’re lucky enough you’ve already been!)

ASOS shoes .jpgStarting from left to right. The first pair aren’t very ‘Birkenstock’ looking, however as a pair of solid sandals instead of Birkenstocks – these FOSTER Leather sandals from ASOS are perfect. Second in line are one of the best pair of sandals I’ve found this summer. I’ve just bought these and I hope they are just as impressive in real life, I really can’t wait to receive these. As a pair of sandals that are much chunkier and have a Birkenstock feel – these are a definite YES for this summer. I will post a picture or two on Twitter once I’ve received them!

The third in line are my TOP favourite pair and so much more my style. I love the laces on these ones – however I would be worried to do them up too tight or too high and make my legs look shorter and chubbier. I think I can let all that slide though, these shoes are beautiful and at only £38 you can’t go wrong. Finally the sliders on the far right are perfect for holidays. Sliders can be fund everywhere this summer and especially with normcore style being popular – this style of shoe is a must! For only £18 you can get these great shoes, meaning more money to spend on cocktails in the sun.

If I Could Dress Like This

I’m sure plenty of you will agree, that as girls we will often see inspirational pictures in relation to fashion and just WISH that we could pull them off. Am I right in saying that only certain people can pull of certain looks? I don’t know. It’s all about if you feel comfortable and feel good in what you are wearing, I know thats the main reason I buy any of my clothes! There are still certain styles that I wish I could pull off, and more recently it is the ‘normcore’-esque style going around that I absolutely LOVE. However, I do find that to get away with wearing any of it, you must at least have really skinny legs. I would love someone to prove me wrong, because then I can wear these kind of clothes. One of my biggest inspirations for the style I’m trying to explain is India Rose. Her style is so different from anyone else I have seen, yet it is beautiful. If I walked out the house wearing sandals with socks, baggy trousers and coat – I wouldn’t look as good as she does!

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 16.53.11

Her instagram is the best inspiration reel if you love her look! I would love to find other bloggers with this style, please do leave comments if you know of any!

Mindy Lahiri Outfits!

Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a big fan of Mindy Kaling. I’ve recently finished watching The Mindy Project & love how she dresses across both seasons. She always looks cute, but sophisticated (most of the time), yet still uses bright and bold colours. I’ve made a collection of my favourite outfits across season 1 & season 2 in preparation for season 3 coming out soon (September 16th)! A classic outfit that Mindy Kaling wears, is often cute shirts with v-neck jumpers and cute blazers or coats. If my wardrobe was big enough, and I had enough money – then I would have the most beautiful and almighty wardrobe in the world – well maybe in my town at least. So heres a few of my favourite outfits on the show!

mindy project collage.jpg

Some of these pieces I had in mind when trying to find images of them, however some of them I had completely forgotten about or didn’t fully appreciate when I was watching the show! I found this images using wornontv.net in The Mindy Project section! This website is really great if you’re looking to buy similar outfits, as it gives you exact  matches and where to buy the clothes from! GENIUS. I’m planning to pick out a few more outfits from TV shows using this website, maybe New Girl with Zooey Deschanel?

Who Bangs?

It’s a fact that celebrities have the best fringes in the world, because they have people who can style their hair for them. Most of us girls sat at home however, will have to blow dry our fringe and style it just right so that it lasts all day – which can be virtually impossible. I haven’t had a fringe since I was a child, yet I’m always thinking about getting the chop and just doing it. So in big world of celebrity hair – here are my favourite celeb ‘bangs’.

Alexa Chung

Most girls my age (21) will love Alexa Chung if they are remotely interested in fashion. She’s an inspiration to us, and didn’t just use her good looks for modeling – but became successful through becoming a TV presenter. She is well known as a style icon, and in particular for her gorgeous hair. If anyone gets out of bed looking like this, then I am so incredibly jealous of you. I rarely do anything to my hair in the mornings because it’s so long, but I would love to look like this. That is what I love about Alexa, is that her hair looks so effortless. It looks as if she has just quickly rushed to do it and it looks amazing, the sort of messy hair do that would take any normal person hours to perfect.
alexa fringe.jpg

Suki Waterhouse

Suki Waterhouse is an upcoming model who is currently dating Bradley Cooper – safe to say they are very very cute together and I am jealous of her hair. She again, is another girl who can look effortless but still incredible. She is in the same category as Cara & Jordan to me, I think she’s just going to get bigger and bigger.
suki fringe.jpg

Zooey Deschanel

The queen of fringes – surely? Everyone knows her hair is incredible and hasn’t ever looked bad since her big break in 500 days of Summer – a great film too. Her hair is so glossy and so thick, every girl wants hair like this – especially me. zooohair

21st In Venice

I went to Venice last weekend for my 21st birthday and it was amazing. I went before when I was 15 on a school tripe to Rome & Venice and I loved it then – and I loved it more the second time around. It’s such a relaxing place, considering it’s a well known city and is still busy – it isn’t rushed. No-one physically can rush because of the way the city runs, all on water. Theres no beeping cars or people running for the tube, it’s just calm and relaxed. Let alone how relaxing it is to get a boat everywhere. I loved it. We arrived 4 hours before check in to the Lagare Hotel on the island of Murano. They let us check in 4 hours early and gave us a room upgrade because it was my birthday. We had a Junior Suite which consisted of 2 floors, our own little room upstairs and a TV and sofa downstairs with the most beautiful decor. I only have good things to say about the hotel, you should go to Venice as soon as you can.

venice collage.jpgJust a few snaps from my holiday, just a couple typical tourist shots! One word of advice…don’t take anyone to Murano who likes picking up glass objects. Having Josh pick up every glass vase, some of which were over €1000, was not ideal!

Glastonbury Favourites

I am one of millions of unlucky people who missed out on Glastonbury Festival another year running. One year I might eventually be able to go, hopefully next year is the year. I was absolutely gutted on missing out on Arcade Fire headlining this year, as I am a huge fan and saw them headline Reading Festival in 2010 and it was incredible – so I knew I was missing out on something special. I haven’t been a huge fan of their new album, but when they played tracks like Power Out, Wake Up & Haiti then how can I not be super mad I wasn’t there?

I wanted to pick out some of my favourite looks from this weekend, just a few snippets to be honest – Including Florence Welch, Nick Grimshaw, Alexa Chung, Daisy Lowe & of course…Win Butler & his stage make up.

glasoplz.jpgAlongside being extremely gutted about missing out on Arcade Fire headlining, there are a few other acts I desperately wished I would have seen. Bombay Bicycle Club looked incredible, I’ve seen them 4 times in the past & they are so good live. London Grammar are a band on my list ‘to see’, as are Disclosure (surprisingly), Chance the Rapper (although I’m seeing him at Wireless this weekend) and so many others. With festival season coming up, I’m heading to Wireless this whole weekend and hopefully down to Reading Festival for a day in August – I’ve been trying to find some inspiration for what to wear. Glastonbury is seriously helping me out right now!